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0112. How to be on the Front Page and in the Daily Email

It is the Publish On date of a painting in DPW that determines when it will be on the front page and in the Daily Email.

So, if you want to be on the front page and in the email tomorrow, then be sure one of your paintings has tomorrow as the Published On date.

The Publish On date is automatically set by DPW, but can be changes, as you will see below, in your Art Tracking grid.

Important: Only one painting per artist can be on the front page or in the daily email at a time. So, if you have more than one painting with the same Publish On date, only one will be published. It is usually the first one posted for the day, but this is not guaranteed. So, the best strategy is to spread out your artwork's Publish On dates into the future, one artwork per day.

The Art on the Front Page Rotates Every Hour

When you are on the front page, you will get your day in the sun, up at the top, just under the featured artists. The art rotates every hour, making a full rotation every three hours.

The Publish On Date is Automatically set by DPW

The Published On date is set by DPW when a paintings is loaded into DPW as follows:

1. If DPW Automatically pulls from your blog at midnight

The Published On date is set to the day of the pull. Keep in mind that DPW is pulling posts at midnight (central time) and so is pulling what was posted the day before. For example, if you posted a painting to your blog on Dec 6th, when DPW pulls at midnight Dec 7th, the pulled paintings will all have a Published On date of Dec 7th and will be on that day's front page and out in the next daily email, which goes out each day at 4 am (central time).

Note: It is a bit counter-intuitive, but keep in mind that while 11:59 pm is one day, that 12 am (midnight) is the next.

2. If you have DPW pull from your blog by clicking the Pull Posts button above the Art Tracking grid or you manually upload paintings by clicking the Upload New Artwork button above the Art Tracking grid

If you pull or upload your painting before 4 am (central time), then the Published On date is set to the day you pulled  (central time) so your painting will go out in the next daily email at 4 am (central time). If you pull after the email is sent out, then the Published On date is set to the next day.

While this may all seem overly complicated, all that is happening here is DPW trying to make sure that, by default, any new paintings show up in the next daily email and on the front page for the same day they are in the email.

You can Change your Published On Dates

Even though DPW does set your Published On dates, you are free to change these dates in your Art Tracking grid.

Important: All we ask however, is you do not have a painting on the front page and in the email more than once. This is to ensure that these show only new and changing work to our buyers.

Viewing/Setting your Published On Dates

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