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0700. IPN: Have DPW Automatically Manage your Buyers and Payments

IPN: Have DPW Automatically Manage your Buyers and Payments

Important: You must have at least a PayPal Premier account to activate this feature. No worries, PayPal Premier account is free.

If you haven't already, also read about tracking your buyers in your Art Tracking grid.

You can easily connect your DPW and PayPal accounts so that when a buyer purchases a painting through PayPal, using either a DPW Auction or a DPW generated PayPal link, DPW will automatically record the buyer, including their full name, email address, and mailing address, and mark the artwork as sold and paid.

This feature is called IPN by PayPal, or Instant Payment Notification.

DPW Auctions and DPW Generated PayPal Links

If you use DPW Auctions, but don't connect your accounts, the winning bidder, but not the payment, is automatically recorded for you when your auctions end. If you additionally want the payment and more than the buyer's name and email address recorded, or you use DPW generated PayPal links and want the buyer and the payment recorded, then keep reading to see how to set it up.

The Buy It Now Option DPW Auctions

On Oct 18th, 2013, we introduced a new Buy It Now option for DPW Auctions, which is available until the first bid is placed. You can read more about it here.

The  Buy It Now option for DPW Auctions only works however, if you follow the instructions in this help article and set up IPN in your PayPal account.

How Does it Work?

It is very simple: PayPal offers a feature called IPN (Instant Payment Notification), which lets you point PayPal to a DPW URL so that PayPal can send DPW non-sensitive information about your PayPal transactions. Please see the step-by-step setup guide below.

Only One URL at a Time

PayPal only allows you to enter one notification URL, which means if you currently have a URL in place, say from FASO, you won't be able to connect DPW without disconnecting FASO.

Is it Secure?

It is completely secure. DPW will only record information from your transactions that are for artwork you sell in through DPW Auctions or a DPW generated PayPal links and will ignore the rest. PayPal does not pass any of your sensitive financial information to DPW, only the buyer's data and information about the transaction such as the purchase amount, shipping, tax, and fees.

You can choose to disconnect the flow of information at any time.

Your Buyers' Email Addresses are Important!

If you have entered any buyers manually, be sure to enter their correct email address for their PayPal account from which they pay. This is because when the payment information is sent to DPW from PayPal, your buyer will be identified by their email address. If they don't have an email address in DPW, or it is not correct, then DPW will create a duplicate buyer.

Step-by-step Set Up Guide

To set up the connection you just need to copy and paste a DPW URL into the correct place in your PayPal Profile. It is quick and simple to do.

Step 1. Log into your PayPal Account and go to the more options section of your profile page.

Step 2. Click on the update link for the "Instant payment notifications" section

Step 3. Click the "Choose IPN Settings" button:

Step 4. Copy and paste the following URL into the Notification URL field, check the "Receive IPN messages" checkbox, and click the "Save" button:

Copy this URL:

You are done!

Now, when a buyer buys one of your paintings through a DPW Auction or a DPW generated PayPal link, the buyer will be set in your Art Tracking grid for the corresponding artwork, which will be set to sold and paid.

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