How to Set Up your PayPal Checkout for DPW

To be able to use DPW Auctions or DPW generated PayPal links to sell your work in DPW, you have to set up your PayPal Express Checkout. No worries - this is free, quick, and easy to do!

Once set up, you and your buyers will enjoy the following benefits:

1. DPW will be able to collect payments from buyers for your artwork and put the money directly into your PayPal account.

2. DPW will mark your work as sold and paid, and pull in the buyer's name, email address, and shipping address from PayPal without any data entry on your part!

3. DPW will calculate any required sales tax according to any sales tax rules you optionally have set up in DPW.

4. DPW will send both you and your buyer a convenient and easy to understand purchase confirmation email.

What if I Generate my Links/Buttons in PayPal?

PayPal links/buttons that you generate in PayPal and paste or are pulled into DPW do not require you enable Express Checkout or to give DPW checkout permission. Neither do they offer the benefits of a DPW generated PayPal link, leaving you responsible for marking your artwork as sold and paid, once you receive the payment notification email from PayPal. Nor will the buyer be redirected back to DPW and be shown a confirmation of their purchase.

DPW generated links really are the way to go! You can read about how to create them here.

How to Set Up your PayPal Checkout

Step 1. Have at least a Free Business PayPal Account

First, you need to have, at least, a free Business PayPal account (a Personal account will not work) and Express Checkout must be enabled in PayPal to allow you to use DPW generate PayPal links or DPW Auctions.

You can upgrade for free, if you have a personal PayPal account here:

Step 2. Grant DPW Express Checkout Privileges

You need grant DPW permissions to create an Express Checkout PayPal page on your behalf. This will not give DPW access to any of your personal or financial information, but instead allows DPW to create a checkout page and put the money from the buyer's payment directly into your PayPal account. This is the same way it is done on Etsy and similar websites.
You can click here to grant permissions.

Step 3. Verify your DPW Express Checkout

Finally, you can verify your set up by selecting the Verify my PayPal Checkout item in the my DPW Links menu on the front page that is visible when you are signed in, or in the my Selling Tools menu above your Art Tracking grid.

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