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Challenge Artist: How do I edit, hide, or mark my Challenge Entry as sold?

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You must first sign in to be able to edit your challenge entry.

If you have submitted to a challenge before signing in was required, then an account has been created for you.

It is easy to edit, hide, or mark your entry as sold. When you are logged in, simply hover your mouse (do not click) over your painting in the challenge page and then click:

  1. on the pencil icon that appears over the bottom left hand corner of the painting to edit your entry.
  2. on the red circle with the white minus sign to hide your entry (This cannot be undone!)
  3. on the red dot to mark your entry as sold.
Note: If the painting is already marked as sold, then when you hover, click on the red dot to set as available once again.

If the little control icons (pencil, minus, dot) do not appear, then please sign in first.

Here's a screenshot:

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