My painting sold, how do I contact my buyer?

End of Auction Notification Emails

When your auction ends with a high bid, you, the buyer, and those following your auction will all receive notification emails. Your email will include the buyer's email address and the buyer's will include instructions on how to pay.
Or, Go to your Auction Page
You can also go to your auction page to see the buyer's name and click on it to send them an email at any time.
Note: This only works if you have not cleared your cookies since you submitted the painting for the auction. If you have, simply find the email you were sent when your entry was submitted or the one sent when it was accepted, click on the Your Super Secret Auto-login Link to reestablish your identity on DPW, and then go to the auction page.
Note: If you are a DPW member artist, all you have to do is log in and then go to the auction page (you did not receive any emails when you submit challenge entries if you were logged in at the time you submitted your entry).


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