How do I Cancel My Account?

We Make it Easy to Cancel!

Please note that you can only cancel a paid membership account. If you have only registered, to be able to comment on artwork, bid in our auctions, and buy ArtByte tutorials, then we are not billing you and so there is nothing to cancel. Also, we will send you emails only when you comment on artwork or place a bid in or win one of our auctions. You will, however, receive our Daily Email, if you have separately signed up for it and can unsubscribe at anytime.

If, on the other hand, you did sign up as a paying member, It's quick and easy to cancel - simply be signed into DPW, go to your Account Information page , and click the Cancel My Account  button on the Billing & Canceling tab.

Your account will be automatically canceled at the end of your current billing cycle. While you will be billed for any appropriate DPW Auction fees and paid membership fees are not refunded, once you cancel, you will not be charged a membership fee again. 

As a convenience to you, your account will go into a "suspended animation" once it is canceled. While it will no longer be accessible to anyone, if you ever chose to rejoin, it will be there waiting for you, just as you left it! Just be sure to sign into DPW with your existing username and password before rejoining. You can read more about rejoining here.
Do I Need to Cancel My Free Trial?
No. Your free trial month will end automatically if you do nothing, so there is nothing to cancel if you don't want to continue your membership. If you do want to continue, it's easy and quick to set up your billing, at any time, on our Join Us! page.
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