Tips for Selling Online

Be proud of each piece you list
If you are only proud of 1 out of every 5 paintings you complete, only show that one. As you improve, you will show more and more.
Include links to your auctions on your blog
You want to have as many ways as possible for buyers to find your auctions. Consider your blog your storefront and DPW your store.
Don’t list too many auctions at once
Relative scarcity can help create a sense of value. In general, it is best to post no more than one auction each day. 
Enter all the painting's information
Don't make buyers wonder how big or how much your painting costs or they will quickly get distracted or buy a painting from someone else who was considerate enough to provide such information. 
Consider your starting price carefully
If you haven’t yet had much success/sales online, you might consider a low, but not too low, starting price. If people are interested in your work, the price should steadily get higher and higher through bidding OR you can raise your prices as you see fit. See it as an investment in your online success.
Most importantly, don’t start the bidding at what you would like to get for the piece – start the price low enough to be enticing to buyers.
For example, $100 may be too high, but $1 might be too low. If you would be happy to get $100 for your painting, then try a starting price of $50.
You can read more about pricing on the internet here.
See this as a long term commitment
Especially if you are just starting to sell online. Even the most successful online artists started out slowly.
Don’t rely on DPW as your only online exposure.
Consider other methods, such as: 
    • Comment on other blogs - making connections is always good, AND other people can follow the link from your comment to your blog
    • Discuss art on forums - get your name out there
    • Ask to trade links with other bloggers - the more links you have back to your blog the better
    • Submit to DPW Challenges
    • Connect your blog to Facebook
    • Listen to Artists Helping Artists online radio for more ideas
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