How are DPW Auctions Friendlier?

Auto Extending - No more last second bidding!

Online auctions, which end at a fixed time, can cause anxiety and end in dissapointment when you lose the auction to someone who was simply able to outbid you by $1 in the very last second.

DPW Auctions auto-extend themselves to one minute remaining when any bid is placed within the last minute of the auction’s end.

This means the auction ends only when there is no more bidding in the last minute. This approach allows the bidder who wants the painting the most to buy it without out any sense of panic.

Auto Refreshing - No more frantically clicking the refresh button!

DPW Auction page will automatically update itself to show the latest bidding during the last 10 minutes of an auction. There is no need to click the refresh button, simply sit back and watch the timer count down the seconds remaining and be alerted if anyone outbids you.
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