What are DPW Auctions and how much do they cost?

What are DPW Auctions?

The idea for DPW Auctions grew out of our desire to have access to art specific auctions that are easy to set up and friendly to buyers. DPW Auctions are a much more affordable alternative to eBay and are specifically for paintings and the folks who love to buy them.

It’s as if Etsy and eBay had a kid who only wanted to paint!

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DPW Auctions are offered as part of a subscription membership package, which will include:
How much will membership cost?

DPW general membership will cost $12.95 a month. This compares with eBay which offers a store/gallery page for $19.95 per month.

What will the per auctions costs be (compared to eBay)?

Feature                            DPW                                                               eBay
Auction listing Fee           all listings and relistings are free                first 50 free

Commission                     3% ($25 max per atwork)                         10% ($250 max)
(on winning bid)

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