How to put a link/button to your artwork’s DPW page into your Blog Post

This article shows you how to post to your blog and include a link/button to your artwork’s DPW page so people can buy your work with the DPW auction or PayPal link you set up.

Step 1. Post to your Blog

Post to your blog using a temporary place holder for your auction link (like "Click to bid/buy - coming soon!")

Step 2. Pull your Post into DPW

Sign into DPW, go to your Art Tracking grid, and click the Pull Post button to pull in the just created post. This step assumes you have entered your blog’s feed URL in your Account Info pageYou should also be sure to turn off the blog auto-pull feature in your Account Info page.

You can also manually upload your artwork into DPW using the Upload Wizard by clicking the button above your Ar Tracking grid.

Step 3. Create a DPW Auction or PayPal Link

Create the DPW Auction or DPW generated PayPal link for your artwork using the little gavel and PayPal icons in the left-most column of your Art Tracking grid.

Step 4. Copy and Paste the Link/Button to your Artwork’s DPW Page into your Blog Post

Click the little link icon to open the Links to your Artwork window and copy and paste either your artwork’s URL or link/button code into your blog post, replacing the placeholder text.

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