DPW Member: How does DPW bill me?

DPW bills you automatically each month through your PayPal Account

When you join, your first month is free, after which you will pay US $12.95 each month. Your billing date is the day of the month you joined and you will be automatically billed each month, using your default funding method in your PayPal Account for the monthly subscription fee of US $12.95. This will require no action on your part as your payment will be automatic.

Additionally, you will be billed, at the same time you are billed for your membership fee, for any 3% DPW Auctions sales commission fees you have incurred.

Note: a sales commission is only charged on DPW auctions that end with a sale. No other types of sales made through DPW, such as with DPW generated PayPal links, are subject to a commission.

You only pay DPW fees for your use of DPW Auctions. You are not charged any fees by DPW for any other type of selling method, such as using PayPal directly (not through DPW Auctions), Etsy, eBay, gallery page, blog, or email.

You are billed for your membership fee in advance, each month, while the auction fees are always billed for the previous month.

Please keep in mind that your billing month begins on on the calendar date you joined.


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