How to make the best image of your painting for your blog and DPW.

Taking the picture

The following tips are important to remember:
Post-process the image
Most digital cameras do quite well with capturing the correct color balance and contrast, so the only post-processing you need to do before uploading your image to either your blog or DPW is to reduce both the file size and resolution of the image.
File size vs. resolution
File Size
The file size of your image is how much room it takes up in your computer and on DPW. Since there are thousands of images on DPW, we want your image to be as small as it can be, while still being a high quality image.
We have found this balance can be achieved if your image file size is no more than 10 megabytes (mb). Most digital camera photos are smaller than this. Always let your eye be the judge of your image's quality. If it looks good to you, it will look good to everyone else.
All digital images are made up of little tiny dots of color. The more dots, up to a point, and the clearer and sharper your image looks. These dots are called pixels.
Additionally, if you have enough pixels, then DPW will turn on a nifty zoom feature when someone mouses over your painting image. This can go a long way in helping your sales by letting buyers see your beautiful brush strokes.
The number of pixels, specifically how many across and how many down, is called the resolution of the image.
Your images for your blog posts and for uploading directly into DPW should have no fewer than 600 pixels down or across. The more your image has then the greater the magnification of the zoom in DPW will be.

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