Formatting your Blog Posts for DPW Pulls

DPW pulls the first image

DPW will pull the first image from your post, so be sure it’s the image of the painting you want pulled into DPW. No worries if you accidentally get the wrong image in DPW. It is easy to change in your Art Tracking grid.

DPW also pulls the genre, media, and size

DPW also pulls the price, genre, media, and size if you include them in the keywords (labels) of your post.

DPW will not pull from the body of your post.

So, since computers are so exacting, below are the precise formats for including important information in your keywords/labels so DPW can read them:

price $XXX

Where XXX is the US dollar price of your artwork. Be sure to preface your price with the word "price".

Specifying Not For Sale

Alternately you can specify that the painting is Not For Sale with the following:

price $NFS

Be sure to only include the price in your labels if you are not going to sell through a DPW Auction. If you are, then DPW will set the price automatically to the highest bidder.

Size can be in any of the following formats with the height first (the case of the x doesn’t matter):
Of course, 6, 6.5, and 13,5 are being used only as an example.

DPW will look for and pull the following Genres:
DPW will look for and pull the following Media (again casing does not matter):
Example complete keyword/label for a post you want pulled by DPW:

still life,oil on canvas,6x6,price $100

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