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Do DPW Auctions use PayPal?
Yes. DPW Auctions use your PayPal Account, which you specify by entering your PayPal email address when you create a DPW Auction. DPW manages the auction and bidding, however the transaction is only between you and the buyer. DPW bills you once each month for any auction listing and commission fees.
Is there a limit to how many DPW Auctions I can run simultaneously?
No, you can run as many as you like.
How long does a DPW Auction Last?
You can set up your auctions to last anywhere from 3 to 10 days. 7 is the recommended duration. Keep in mind that your auction will last for at least the number of days you select and then up until the ending hour you select. This allows you to set the specific time your auction ends regardless of when it began.
How does automatic re-listing work?
You can set up your auctions to automatically relist from zero to 3 times when an auction ends without a bid. Once relisted, all links (URLs) to previous auctions for that painting will automatically and transparently direct the buyer to the latest auction.
How much does it cost to list and relist?
All DPW Auctions are free to list and relist.
If my painting does not sell in a DPW Auction, can I use a different selling method?
Absolutely! You can, at any time, switch your selling method for a given painting from a DPW Auction to any other method, such as Etsy, eBay, PayPal direct, website, email, etc.
What commission is charged with DPW Auctions?
DPW charges 3% of the winning bid when a DPW Auction ends.
Does DPW charge a commission with any other selling method other than DPW Auctions?
No, DPW only charges the commission on sales through DPW Auctions.
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