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How do I set up Sales Tax to be automatically calculated?

 No More Complicated Sales Tax Rules!
Before December 23rd 2017, you needed to create country, state, and postal code-level sales tax rules in DPW, just as you do in PayPal. This is no longer necessary. Instead, DPW now only requires that you enter the full address you ship your work from and then DPW will use a dedicated service to calculate the exact sales tax (or VAT) to charge your buyers based on your and their addresses. This service is provided without additional charge with your DPW artist membership.

Opting In (or Out) of Charging Sales Tax
By default, DPW will not calculate and charge your buyers sales tax (or VAT). You need to first opt in for it to do so. You will be asked to opt in or out when you create or update a DPW auction or PayPal link until you do either opt in or out. After that, you can click/tap the Set up Sales Tax button at the top of the auction and PayPal link forms at any time to change your decision.
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