Our Artwork Posting Policy

DPW = Original, Natural Media, Fine Art
This is our niche. There are many websites that mix original art and reproductions, however we want our buyers to be able to rely on knowing we only offer original, natural media, fine art.
What is Allowed on DPW

What is Not Allowed on DPW 

The general rule of thumb to follow is only images can be posted on DPW that show a single work of art exactly as you would sell it
List of Allowed Media

 These are the currently available values for setting the media for artwork in DPW. There may be other media that are also allowed by our posting policy. Please feel free to ask about any that are not in this list.
DPW Account Requirements

Custom Print (Reproduction) Pages

While the art posted to your DPW Gallery website must follow our posting policy, you can create custom "Print" pages in your DPW Gallery website for showing and selling giclées and other reproductions. You can read more about "Print" pages here.
Photos pulled from Blogs

DPW offers our members the convenience of automatically pulling in their artwork from their blog posts. Occasionally a member will post to their blog and the first image in the post will be a photo and not an image of a work of art. If the member has their account configured to have DPW auto pull from their blog feed each night then that non-artwork image will show up on DPW and in the Daily Email.
If this happens, we will hide the photo and the auto-pull will be turned off. The member will receive an email and can turn the pull back on in their Account Info page or, if they often post non-art related posts to their blog, they can chose instead to pull their post on demand by clicking the "Pull Post" button above the Art Tracking grid. 

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