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How to create PayPal Buy it Now links in DPW

This article is for DPW members and explains how to create PayPal Buy it Now links in your Art Tracking grid for your paintings.

DPW is very flexible in how it lets you sell your art. You can use any and all of the following methods:
  • DPW Auctions
  • eBay Auctions
  • PayPal Buy it Now
  • Etsy
  • Any URL (your website, a gallery, etc.)
  • Email
Setting up a DPW Auction is very easy, however creating PayPal Buy it Now links for your paintings on the PayPal website is not. In DPW, creating PayPal Buy it Now links is just as easy as setting up a DPW Auction.

Also, when the buyer clicks on the link when viewing your painting in the pop-up, if they are not logged in, they will be asked in which region do they live, so DPW can set the correct Shipping and Handling (S&H) - domestic or international - for the PayPal page to which they are taken. DPW will even let them know if you do not ship to their region.

Here’s How You Do It

1. Sign in, if necessary, and go to your Art Tracking grid.

2. Be sure you have a price entered for the painting for which you wish to create a link and click on the PayPal button in the Task column on the far left:

3. Fill in the information in the dialog box that pops up (it will be remembered for next time):

Important: After you have created the PayPal link, you will be presented with a URL that is the same as the URL in the Buy URL column in your Art Tracking grid. You can copy and paste this URL into your blog post, website, and/or emails, if you wish. Using this URL will take your buyer to a page for your painting in DPW where the buyer’s region is taken into account to calculate shipping, as is described below.

4. Click the Create PayPal Link button and you are done!

Here’s what the PayPal link looks like in the painting pop-up:

And, here’s what the buyer sees when they click it, if they are not logged in (they go directly to PayPal if they are):

Be sure to set up your DPW PayPal Checkout!

Click here to read how to set up your DPW PayPal Checkout so DPW will track your sales and buyers without any data entry by you.

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