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How do I become a Featured Artist?

DPW features a permanent group of artists, most of whom are the original members of the site.

The featured artists have their own page, have their work shown at the top of our What's New page, and are also at the top of our Daily Email that goes out to over 4,200 subscribers every day.
How Do I Become a Featured Artist
While we are no longer adding to the permanent featured artist group, we actively "feature" our members on our Facebook page, in our weekly Spotlight Artist Giveaway promotion, and now through our DPW Monthly Contest!
Win a Free Month as a Featured Artist!
Beginning August 1st, 2013 we will be starting our first DPW Monthly Contest! Be sure to enter, as anyone can join whether they are a member or not!
In addition to monthly cash prizes, we will pick the top 15 artists each month and feature them for a month for free!
What do I have to do if I Win?
Being a featured artist is all about increased visibility on DPW. To take advantage of it you will want to post new work to DPW as often as you can. Each day you post, one of your works of art posted for that day will appear near the top of the front page and the Daily Email.
You can read more about how this works here.
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