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Using a Custom Domain Name

Use a Custom Domain Name
You can further personalize your DPW Gallery Website by pointing a custom domain name at it.
When you become a DPW member, you get your very own fine art DPW Gallery website. The default URL to direct people to your new website looks like this<your-name>-<your artist id> 
This a bit unwieldy! Instead, you could have a personal and more easily remembered URL, such as This is called a custom domain name.
Click the following example to see it in action:
Three Options
There are three ways you can go about this. All are available by selecting the Get a Custom Domain Name item from the Welcome drop down menu up at the top of your DPW Gallery Website to open the Domain Management window.
Option 1. Register a Custom Domain Name with DPW
We offer custom domain name registration and hosting at our cost of $9 per year. In addition to the low cost, we will do all the technical set up work so your new domain points to your DPW Gallery Website.
Option 2. Transfer and Existing Custom Domain Name to DPW
If you already have a custom domain name registered and hosted with another registrar, such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, FASO, Squarespace, etc., you can transfer hosting of it to us for $9 per year, and, just like with option 1, we will set up your domain name to point to your DPW Gallery Website.
Option 3. Point an Externally Hosted Domain Name to your DPW Gallery Website
If you already have a custom domain name registered and hosted with another registrar, but do not want to transfer the hosting to DPW, no worries, you can stay with your current domain host and point your domain name to your DPW Gallery Website yourself.
Keep in mind this is likely a more expensive option than options 1 and 2, however, it is a good temporary solution when you registered your domain name more recently than 60 days ago. This is because the international body that governs domain names does not allow transfer of a domain name sooner that 60 days after it was registered.
Pointing your domain name to your DPW Gallery Website yourself is a bit technical. No worries, your Domain Registrar can help you, if you need, or will have instructions online on how to set this up. It is done differently for each registrar, so unfortunately DPW cannot help you with this.
Step 1. Change Where your Domain Name Points
To point your externally managed domain to your DPW Gallery, you need to create a couple, what are called, A  Records in your DNS  (Domain Name System) records.
You will want the following two A  Records :  
1st A Record
2nd A Record
Important: If you already have any of the above A Records, just change the existing record's value to "".
Incorrect Advice from your Registrar's Support Department
Too often you may be told by your registrar's support department that you don't need to follow these instructions and can set your domain up a different way. If so, please don't follow their advice. If you don't precisely follow these instructions, your domain name will not point to your DPW Gallery Website properly.
Step 2. Let DPW Know What Your Domain Name Is

Now you need to let DPW know what your domain name is. Do this by going to the Use an Externally Managed Domain section in the Domain Management window entering your domain name there. Enter your domain name without the preceding "www.".

It can take up to several hours for your updates to your DNS records to make their way around the internet, so you may not see your domain name working immediately. 
You Automatically Get a Free SSL Certificate - A $70 a Year Savings
An SSL certificate is required so your DPW Gallery will have the little secure padlock symbol up in the browser's address bar. This lets visitors know your website is safe and all their activity on it will be private. This is something people have come to expect and Google now encourages by ranking sites without it lower in their search results.
Within a day of your domain name to pointing to your DPW Gallery Website, regardless of which option above you take, DPW will detect it and create and install an SSL certificate just for you, free of cost. And, DPW will automatically renew the SSL certificate as long as you are a DPW member.
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